Inuit Perspectives on Water Research

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Through the Environmental Technician Program at Nunavut Arctic College, I got the opportunity to work with University of Ottawa focusing on a community-based project regarding water security in Hall Beach and Igloolik. I have been living in Nunavut most of my life, so I know the struggle that communities face when it comes to water security. This water project will certainly make a difference by sharing community voices about the importance of having proper drinking water from their reservoir for health and safety reasons.

We visited both the communities in early June to connect with locals and to introduce our project, and many people seemed interested. One thing that really surprised me from the trip to Hall Beach and Igloolik was how much people rely on water melted from ice for drinking. Many people don’t drink from the tap due to the smell, taste, and colouring of the water.

Visiting these communities also showed me some of the many dialects in Nunavut. Since I’m from Coral Harbour, I found it difficult to understand the different Inuit dialects. Through language, I got a sense of the small differences between the two communities. It’s always good to learn new Inuit words and meanings.